Daryn ward
I'm 26 years old and started fishing when I was 3 with my grandfather down the local lake.the buzz of catching my first roach grew on me to keep fishing and trying to catch bigger fish where it as lead me to where I am now.i am also a member for urban baits.
Will Stubberfield
I'm 24 years old based in Lincoln but travel all over the country.my current UK pb mirror is 31lb 4oz and common 29lb 6oz I love fishing hard tricky weedy waters that's my style of fishing.
Craig Diamond
Hi my name is Craig Diamond.I live in Scotland I have fished all over the world with my pb being 527lb arapaima.my uk pb carp is 33lb and siamese carp 110lb I also have trips to France and the amazon river.
Ronnie Girvan
Im 15 years old and love my fishing ive been fishing for just over 2 years now and had two 30lbs last year been putting in hard work and going to carry that on.
Nathan Garfoot
Hi im Nathan from Lincolnshire aged 29 mad about carp fishing.My biggest is 21lb and had several around that weight.I get out on the bank twice a month due to family.
my name is Jean-Baptiste I am 22 years old and I am French. I have been fishing for carp for ten years on small lakes and large lakes in France, also rivers. My PB is 22kg! I also fish by boat! I am part of the JHBaits France team.
Jack Panter
My name is Jack Panter I'm 13 years old and been fishing since a very young age.i get out on the bank most weekends my pb up to date is 25lb .
Scott Warrener
I`m a self confessed carp addict, I`ve been carping for 20 years now and get out as much as possible. I`m a consultant for Deception Angling, field tester for Richworth, team member for Carp Particals UK, LankzBankzLeads, Starflite and now Mooch Clothing

My PB is 29.04 but i`m on a campaign to break that.
Lewis Millership
All round angler. I love fishing Rivers and lakes in search of, carp, barbel, perch and pike.
I have been a balif at my uncles lakes for the past 5/6 years whilst also running a small carp syndicate with two others.

Mirror 47lb 7oz
Common 52lb 11ox
Barbel 14lb 3oz
Pike 15lb 9 oz
Perch 2lb 8
Paul richardson
I have been fishing since 6 years old and now 44 and carp fishing since 13 , biggest uk carp 30lbs French carp 38lbs , i fish already once a week and have started a YouTube Chanel Richo Banklife . Also I’m on the castaway PVA team , Deception Angling team , Evolution tackle team and Deep blue particles.
Robin Jeffries
I have been fishing since I was 6 years old and solely for carp a little over 6 years now. I currently fish selected waters within the East Midlands area and head abroad at least once a year. My current UK PB is 34.2 and EU 38.2. My favourite method of fishing is a Chod rig over a small scattering of freebies.
I`m also the area consultant for Star Flite and a team member for Deception Angling and Natures Baits.
Michael Challis
I have been carp fishing for 16 years and try to get out at least 48hour a week.i am also a promotional team member for advanced angling solutions,Urban Baits,Hull particles and Rhino tech photography.My current UK PB is 53lb 2 oz and my current abroad PB is 47lb
David Orourke
Ive been into fishing for over 20 years.started of fishing with my dad the good old maggot and float method which I had my biggest carp at the time of 14lb.Ive also entered the Bcc and the bcac competitions and midland carp champs and now fishing as took over my life.fishing is my passion with being sponsored by a tackle company fishing for mainline baits its just got better the more ive done it joining a top syndicate lake in 2020 which I'm so excited to be a member.
Lee Whiteley
Hi my names Lee Whiteley I've been carp fishing for over 30 years.I am also part of numerous well known teams such as kudos tackle,jhbaits,jprecisson hooks and rhino photography.my pbs are 36.08 common and 34.15 mirror and France 47lb
Gareth Thomas
My names Gareth I am a member of the Birch Syndicate.My PB is 34lb 10oz Im a consultant for Ibhooks and a team member for pro Baits UK and Bartons leads.I also run a facebook group called the welsh carpcatchers and also write for a new online magazine called the reel fisherman. I also film my sessions to publish on my youtube channel.
Dean Jordan
I've been fishing for over 25 years and love every minute of it.I fish hard waters which suites my style of fishing.I'm currently on a syndicate lake in Somerset called velocity angling complex which is 20 acres and very hard and weedy lake.My pb to date is 31.2 and foreign pb is 52.7
Im currently a team member with Rig-it-tackle and promo member for bait-tech.
Duane M-sweet
I'm a 30 year old southerner now based in Tattershall ,lincs who has done all styles of fishing but have found my home hunting big carp on large low stocked lakes.

My pb is 41,2 Lincs mirror

I'm part of Tor- Baits and now Mooch clothing
Richard Langton
I spend pretty much every single weekend fishing various locations around the north and Midlands and targeting the tricky syndicate local to me. I go to France for a week’s fishing 3 or 4 times each year. My current UK personal best is a 42lb common, and my French PB is 52lb common.
I work as a consultant for JK Angling, helping to develop their terminal tackle.
Dave Hall
Im 49 years old fished for Nash for 19 years left 10 year ago to do my own thing.been carp fishing for 40 years now.I live in Scunthorpe and own my own carp lake.i fish at least 1 night a week.my English PB is a common at 46.08 and mirror 41.05 and French carp to over 70lb.
Darren Davies
Hi my name is Darren I am an experienced carp and all round angler who writes a blog and produces angling videos via my youtube channel called WyeanglerTV.I am also the editor of reel fisherman magazine which covers most species including carp.im on the bank at least once a week even if it is short sessions.
Jamie Brunton
I'm 29 years old,Southern based.I have been carp fishing for 20 years but have been carp fishing heavily for the past few years.I get on the bank at least once a fortnight.My uk pb 32lb 2oz mirror French pb 48lb 1oz common
Paul Price
I`m from the West Midlands and I'm big in to my fishing and I can say i`m crazy about it . There isn't a week that goes by that I'm not on the bank . I love fishing local lakes and canal plus the park lakes. I like the urban style of fishing and I hope to find some unknown fish in 2016 on my waters. I'm also a field tester for richworth
Andrew Fradsham
Hi my names Andrew Fradsham I get out two nights a week on the bank and two trips abroad a year.been carp fishing for over 20 years.
Aaron Drew
My names Aaron drew I have been fishing since I was a kid live local to some beautiful waters.I was a big pike fisherman for several years but started back into carp fishing early this year and already having good sessions 13 fish landed in one of the hardest lakes on my complex.Im still on the hunt for a 30lber.I get out at least 3 to 4 times a week with my personal being 23lb carp.
Michael Pink
My names Michael pink 29 years old fished a lot when I was younger mainly down my local canal catching the usual rud,roach and then moved onto carp as I got older.My current PBs are 36lb 5oz mirror and 24lb 4oz common.
Steve Blick
My names Steve blick I live in the south East,oxford area,I've been a carp angler for over 15 years and fish linear complex and other fisheries across the country.I am also connected to rig-it tackle.
Nathan Brown
My name is Nathan brown, 22 years old and I get the most enjoyment out of fishing low stick tricky waters,I love a bit of a challenge and weedy lakes most of my angling is over nighters in-between work as I have a young boy.My PB is 29lb 15oz
Josh skipworth
My name is Josh Skipworth from Scunthorpe I am 20 years of age.My Current UK PB is a 33lb 6oz mirror and a PB common is 26lb 7oz I have just joined a very low stock syndicate so will be targeting that this year!
Michael Matthams
My name is Michael Matthams I am Currently fishing a couple of syndicates in Essex.I am Currently on the monster particles Team along eith assassin tackle.My current UK PB common is 41lb 8 oz and Mirror 30lb 8oz.
Dusan Kovacik
My name is Dusan Kovacik I started fishing when I was 4 years old.In the UK I mainly fish day ticket waters.My UK PB is 34lb mirror and 33lb common.My other part of fishing is my job as a building bridges project officer in angling trustand also licensed angling coach.
Carl jones
I started carp fishing 6 years ago and caught the bug straight away.I mainly fish club waters but will do day tickets this year.I am currently a team member for DNA baits.My current UK PB is 30.10lb and a French PB of 61.01 mirror.
Lee culy
Hi I’m lee,

I fish mainly targeting low stocked waters chasing them big girls around, currently on the swanholme syndicate in Lincoln. Also a member of the rod Hutchinson team aswell as dna baits.
Matt Ferris
My names Matt Ferris, I've been fishing for around 8 years. I travel up and down the UK to different venues. Currently a team member AT JHBaits. I also took part in the Bluebell Lakes Charity social raising funds for the great ormond street hospital which was a fantastic in its self.
Matt Akery
I'm Matt from Leyland and I've been Carp fishing for the last 25 years. I am a project manager for Highways England so my bank time can be a bit limited sometimes but try and get out as much as I can like to fish in France as well and have a pb of 52lb. I am a member and baliff on the warrington anglers association card and love fishing the club waters whenever I get the chance.
Brendon steele
Hi all just a lil about myself I have been carp fishing since the mid 80tys I am 48 years young 😉 my pb mirror is 34-4 and my pb mirror although it's not about the size of fish to myself any more its just getting out and doing what we love, currently I am the media consultant for kudostackle on Facebook and a northern promo/team member for mad baits.
Jamie Avery
I fish at least one night a week, but recently been out 2/3 times a week, I was fishing on the long reach at the st ives complex last year but due to change of jobs I have to do a season closer to home in Essex I plan to get back up there next year again, this year Iv returned to snake pit where ive done a few years on in the past and I’m in the process of getting my wivenhoe match pit ticket.
Remy Duru
My name is Rémy, I'm 20 years old, I fish in the top of France more precisely in Picardy
I started fishing a few years ago already with my grandfather, but today it's been 10 years since I seriously fish for carp
I mainly fish in the wild water body or the opposite in the water body on fishing or fish and difficult to catch and from time to time at the canal
I fish at least twice a week.
Pierre Gadeyne
Hello everyone, my name is Pierre Gadeyne. I have been fishing for carp in France for quite some time, since it has been more than 12 years since I have been walking the banks in search of our favorite fish and beautiful landscapes that our territory offers us! My fishing places are quite varied that can go from the gravel pit to the river passing by the dam lakes as long as the place seems suitable to satisfy my passion.
Alexis Bret
Hello my name is Alexis Bret I am 28 years old fishing carp since the age of 5 years. I particularly fish for dam lakes and some private lakes.
Andy Gigg
Hi. Im a derbyshire based carper. I am fishery manager for a lake near derby. I love fishing for them in the edge my pb is 47lb 12oz
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Michael Pink

My names Michael pink 29 years old fished a lot when I was younger mainly down my local canal catching the usual rud,roach and then moved onto carp as I got older.My current PBs are 36lb 5oz mirror and 24lb 4oz common.