Normally my winter ends with a flourish and gives me a huge amount of confidence going in to the spring, however this year we decided to go away as a family for two weeks to Tenerife at the end of March.

My winter campaign finished early on my winter water and sadly I missed my target of 3 twenty

pounders, I did manage a few more fish up to mid doubles but it just wasn’t meant to be. A thirty

back in January more than made my winter so I can’t complain.

When I returned to this country I was gagging to get back on the banks and within 24 hours of being home I was back on my first syndicate, it felt like I was home and the new spring campaign was starting. A quick overnighter on my first night saw me draw a blank but it was more about being out there on this occasion.

The following week saw me get out for 3 quick overnighters between work, the first was on my

syndicate where the winter thirty came from but I could only manage a Bream in the small hours, not a happy camper I decided that would be the last time I would fish that lake for a while and I would now concentrate on my first choice syndicate from here on in.

With the lack of success on the Monday night I switched tackle and went for my bigger rods and

reels ready for two consecutive nights on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday night arrived and I started the long walk from the car park with an idea of where I wanted to be, an area that didn’t have any pressure on the Saturday night that I was there.

I arrived at a couple of swims and watched the water for a while, nothing moving I decided to opt for a swim that I had fished before and had enjoyed huge success. I wasn’t expecting miracles as the previous weekend saw a few Tench come out and no Carp, but I had to be in with a chance being one of two anglers on the lake.

Knowing the swim meant that I didn’t need to lead around, I just needed to wrap the rods and clip up. Rods out on the spots with a small bag of pellet on one, a small bag of crumbed boilie on another and a mixture of two on the third. I then proceeded to put two kilo of boilie over one rod to see if a smaller more discreet approach, or the bed of boilie would work.

Through the night the baited rod didn’t make a sound, the other two both went off with one

producing a small stockie that went in earlier in the year and the second producing a Tench. The

takes gave me an indication that the fish didn’t want a lot of bait still and that made my mind up for the approach on the second consecutive night. Just as I was packing up there a Carp crashed out to my right, pretty much over another little spot that I knew.

The Thursday night was here and I chose to fish the same swim as the previous night, seeing the Fish crash that morning I switched my baited rod from the previous night to the spot where the fish crashed. All three rods were introduced with a small bag of pellet and boilie crumb and around 20 baits were scattered around each rod.

Not long into darkness and I was in to a fish, it felt like a pretty good one and fought like one of the original stock that are around the thirty pound mark, a hard 10 minute scrap and I had her in the net, she wasn’t what I expected as she was one of the first batch of stocked fish, she was however a pristine resident who weighed in at 23lb 08oz.

By midnight the second was in the net and this was another stockie, 2.30am and another stockie put in an appearance. Although 3 fish were stockies I felt like I had landed with a total of four for two nights work, a good start to the spring with plenty of overnighters to come over the next few

months. I have had some good results over the past week with one of the lakes biggest resident gracing my net, more of that in the next blog, until then,

good luck and tight lines


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