Ben Pattenden - The Park Pt2

After an unproductive winter and only getting a couple of nights in since last September I was finally heading back down for 3 nights. Armed with my new custom built ADV1 rods and the new and stylish mooch carp clothing I was buzzing to get down on The Park.

I turned up Thursday afternoon at about 1.30 after finishing work. After a walk around the lake, the swim I had my eye on was empty, after 20 minutes of watching the water I saw a few fish fizzing so I was straight back to the van to get my gear. I quickly got changed out of my work clothes and into my nice new clothing from Mooch. I quickly got the rods out on the spot where I saw the fizzing, about 50 yards out from my swim.

I left my rods out on this spot for a while but I had no bites so I decided to get my rods out on spots I know produce fish. I fished 3 rods at different ranges down the side of the island. The right hand rod was at 108 yards, the middle was at 95 yards and the left was at 43 yards. On the right hand rod I used a multi rig using size 6 curve shank hook from JPrecision hooks and hydro link from rigmarole with a white 16mm creamy toffee pop up from A2 baits and on the other two I used a simple blow back rig with a size 6 wide gape with a small piece of shrink tube from JPrecision hooks and hydro link with tutti fruity dumbbell wafters and mums special 70/30 wafters from A2baits. The length for the 3 rigs where about 8 inches long. I attached these to a hybrid lead clip with dark matter tubing and a 3.5 oz lead.

I put 10 spombs over each rod, in my spod mix, I was using chilli hemp and snails from deep blue particles. I added sweetcorn and 14mm tutti fruity and 18mm creamy toffee boillies.

Once I got my rods out and baited up I could finally get the kettle on, have a cuppa and get my dinner on. After sitting on the bench and getting the low down from the angler next to me for an hour I decided to call it a night at about 8.30 as I was tired from a busy morning at work. I was just nodding off when I got a few beeps from my Delkim and a drop back on my stow bobbin so I thought it was a bream. As I was putting my shoes the bobbin hit the top and the clutch started clicking, I knew it was a carp as I had the clutches set reasonably tight to get them to kite away from the island when hooked. I picked up my new custom built century ADV1 13ft 3.5 tc rod and bent into the fish. I gave the lad next to me a shout. After a 20 minute battle and it hugging the bottom of the deep margins I popped it into the net. I put it in the net station to keep it secure whilst I got my head torch and scales. Once I had donned the waders and zeroed the scales we broke down the net to safely carry the fish from the water to the cradle, we got it unhooked, got the net out of the way and we hoisted it up onto the scales and the Rubén heatons settled on 39.5. I was absolutely buzzing as it was my first fish of the year and to christen my new rods with a 39 I was over the moon. We got a few snaps before releasing the chunk back, to hopefully bag a bigger fish.

After talking to the head bailiff I found out the fish was called Baby Brown. It was at its biggest weight, it has put on 6 lb in 2 years. So it's got the potential to grow to a 40lb + fish. After this fish the weather changed drastically. Different pressures wind ect and the fish stopped feeding so I didn't get another bite, but I'll be back soon to get the rods back out.

After my recent success on the big lake I headed back down for a weekend shortly after. I turned up nice and early on Friday a morning. This time the lake was rammed so I set up in a swim known as High Banks. I had already taken a few walks around the lake that week so I wasn't too disheartened as I knew a few fish had come out from all over the lake, so I felt confident setting up there. After talking to Jerry Hammond who was set up in a swim next to me I found out that nothing had come out on our side of the island in the time that he had been set up there, so I knew I was going to have to work hard at it. But knowing the productive areas in the swim helped a lot as I didn't have to start flicking a marker rod out and disturbing the swim. I was fishing 2 rods tight to the island they where brushing the branches as they went in. I fish the left hand rod on the front on the tree half way along the island about 12 foot back on a gravel spot. The bait for the session was chilli hemp with snails, sweetcorn and whole 14 MM tutti fruity and 18 MM creamy toffee. I used a blow back rig using a super sticky sharp size 6 hook with 15lb hydro link with a 16mm squid and octopus wafter attached to a hybrid leadclip and dark matter tubing. I started by putting 10 spombs per rod. The sunlight started to fade away and I felt good going into the night. Unfortunately I only got awoken by a slimy bream and had no other runs that night. I woke up nice and early for the first light. I was sitting on my bed with a cuppa when I saw a fish show very close to my left hand rod but nothing came of it. Knowing that a couple of my good friends Josh and Dave were coming down I reeled in and we went down to the van to get a breakfast baguette and have a chat. Once I got back I got the rods back out I topped the spot back up with 10 more spombs per rod but I added crushed boillies into the mix. Once the sun broke through I was sitting up on the bench chatting to Josh thinking about what I could change and the right hand rod rattled off. After a 15 minute battle and it trying to get me into the margin trees I finally slipped it into the net. The scales hit 28.3lb.

I was thrilled as I hadn't seen anything else since the fish that showed early morning. I believe adding the crushed boillies into the mix helped me to get a bite. Nothing else came that session apart from another bream and a trailer at 3 am. I just want to say a big thank you to Mooch carp clothing, Deep blue particles, Jprecision hooks and A2baits with there help and support over the past and look forward to many adventures in the future. Tight lines Ben Pattenden.

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