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Bleak Winter....

Well I kicked off this year with a weekend social down Crowsheath fishery in Essex with the

guys from Deception Angling. It was a fair 3 hour drive down from deepest darkest Derbyshire,

picking up a mate from an army barracks on the way. There's nothing like having a gun pointed

at you first thing in the morning to wake you up!

The venue is a nice 10 acre lake with plenty of features, a bit different to the venues I usually target but I was looking forward to giving it a go. After meeting the other guys I opted to fish a swim in the middle of the lake with open water and a reed fringed island, the only issue was the mud. The whole bank side was either inches deep in water or had areas of mud, not great conditions but I don't mind it too much. Come evening and all the lads had arrived along with the rain.The fishing was a little slow for the weekend but the social was pretty good, great BBQ

courtesy of the Deception boss Pete and plenty of drinks and laughs.

I did manage to catch one on the final morning, a wafter rig fished over spod mix and boilies resulted in a screaming run, with me having to push a mate out of the way so I could get to my rods. A decent tussle later and I had a 17.7 common in the net and utter relief that I hadn't blanked. A simple bait and simple rig did the trick and I believe it was the biggest of the weekend.

Once back home I managed a few day sessions on local waters, the only problem being the change in weather. A cold front moved in and brought snow and ice with it, most of the lakes around me froze up or partially froze. I tried a couple of venues but it was clear the fish had turned off but it was still nice to be out and trying new things and a new venue.

Ive managed a few nights on the syndicates too. The big pit has been a bit wild, one night I had

to use banksticks as pegs to keep the bivvy pinned down due to the gales and had waves

crashing on the bank a foot high into my alarms! I love the wild nature of Swarkestone, it's a real mans water where you have to be either hardcore or insane to fish it in these conditions.

I've also had sailors to deal with as I've been fishing Friday nights, Saturday the boats come out! There not that much of a problem, apart from when they can't control the boat and sit over spots and line.

I've been using solid bags for my sessions on it, using Richworth pop ups and bag mix which I caught well on last year, mainly the S-Core range but I do like the classics too. Being able to make the bags up in advance and simply loop them on to the line and cast straight out is a massive advantage. I use the smaller bags from Castaway PVA as I can pack them tight and cast them over 100 yards with ease.

For the next couple of months I'm back on campaign to catch my target from my local

syndicate, I'm hoping to catch it before the end of March as I'm not planning on renewing my ticket for the venue. So I'm going in with a plan of baiting a spot regularly to hopefully keep fish coming to the spot to feed and to save me chasing them around getting nowhere. I've got some awesome particle coming in the shape of the hemp and snails mix from Carp Particles UK and

fresh boilie supplies from Richworth with the S-Core and some classics. Hopefully the plan and

bait will produce the goods and my target before my time runs out and I have to move on to

new waters and new challenges.

Until next time, tight lines.


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