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Festive fun…

Well, due to the festive period and me being a chef, I’ve not been able to get on the bank as

much as I’d have liked. Christmas and new years is a busy time for the catering industry, I work

in a large hotel and my hours increase pretty dramatically this time of year.

I have managed a few sessions thankfully, a couple of overnighters on the big pit and a day

session on a local club water. The weather has been unseasonably mild and with the big winds

its been great weather for fishing.

On the big pit I’ve managed a few overnighters, I’ve tried a few different areas of the lake and

luckily bagged a nice carp from a deep part of the pit. I chose to fish a swim that gets neglected

a lot of the time, but having spent a couple of nights in it I think it’ll be a favourite of mine.

Setting up in the dark and the rain as usual, I chose to fish solid bags. You cant go wrong with a

solid bag really, if you tie them up properly they cast well and you can be sure your rigs

presented perfectly and in a pile of attraction.

My bag rigs are simple, either a D-CRK hook knotless knotted to a supple braid for bottom baits or a slip-d rig on a D-SWG hook for pop ups. My bag mix is a mix of groundbaits, crushed boiles and small pellets, nothing complicated or not needed.

I put three rods out at about 80 yards on a

decent spread. The wind was driving across the pit so sorting my line lay was an issue, but with a bit of gentle persuasion I got it sorted, put the kettle on and settled in for the night. I was woken by a screaming Nev at about 00:30, I was a bit shocked in all honesty as the rod hadn’t been out that long, but hit into the run and had a good

scrap with one of the big pits newest residents. The carp went 13.13, not a monster but a

beautiful fully scaled mirror which hadn’t seen a hook before. Hookbait was an Alpha bottom

bait on my simple D-CRK rig. That was the only fish of the session, and on the next session in

the same peg I blanked.

My only other session was a short four hour afternoon session on a local club water. I had an afternoon spare so managed to get my day session light kit sorted and got down to the lake. This lake is only around 3 acres, and is basically a doughnut shape with a large island in the middle. Its usually good for a few runs and testing new rigs/baits etc. On this occasion I set up round the back of the lake, there were a few other anglers on and I wanted to be as far away from them as possible. I figured the fish would move away from the angling pressure and was right as within a few minutes I saw several fish show. I like using my 10ft 2.75lb Nash Dwarf rods for this type of fishing, it makes a nice change to fish light and take minimal kit, a far cry from the gear I usually take.

I set up my rods with simple set ups, slip-d rigs fished with White Ice and Alpha pop ups tied up with some new hooklink from Deception to lead clips, light leads and tungsten tubing. I cast one rod to the end of the island where the fish were showing and the second further down the island to my right, in deeper water. I put a few Alpha freebies around each rod and sat back to wait. Luckily I didn’t have a long wait, within an hour the right hand rod ripped off and I bent into a good fish. From the fight I could tell it was one of the bigger residents, and it put up a good scrap on the short rods. After 10 minutes I managed to persuade it into the net and saw it was one of the big commons in the lake. I messaged a mate to come and take some photos for me as I’d forgot my self take kit (cheers Johnboy), the carp went 22.4 which is the biggest I’ve managed this year so I was chuffed.

Photos taken I slipped it back, and put out a few more freebies and got the rod back on the

spot. I didn’t have to wait long for my next bite, a 14.6 mirror came to the left hand rod followed by a couple of carp around 10lb. I packed up on darkness with four fish in four hours, not bad on a winters day and a real confidence booster.

My next session will be a three day social down in Essex at Crowsheath fishery, it’s the

Deception team social and with 30 of us going down for it its set to be a good one. Ive never

fished that far down south so Im looking forward to it, plus it’s a great social with the other lads.

Happy new year all, and tight lines,


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