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Winter Carping...

This is my first blog entry for the Mooch website, I'll be penning new entries on a monthly basis covering my carp fishing through the year.

Unlike some anglers I don't put the rods away for the winter, in fact I love this time of year. The banks are mostly devoid of other carpers except for the few other nut cases like me, and that's how I like it. I can expect to have lakes to myself and be free to move onto fish and not be disturbed. The fishing is obviously harder this time of year but for me the rewards are greater, there's no better reward than capturing a hard won winter carp and I'm hoping to catch a few this winter.

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Venue choice is a key consideration, I fish a couple of syndicate lakes and can usually be found on a large 80 acre gravel pit with a low stock of fish. This place is my second home and suits me to the ground, a large wild pit with some large old carp and somewhere I'm left to my own devices and rarely see other anglers. However, come winter this pit switches off and becomes an exercise in futility as the carp stop feeding and just wait out the winter. So I have to move onto smaller waters to try my luck for a bite and for me I reluctantly move on to a few club lakes which have a larger stock of fish.

My last few sessions have been tough, I've been fishing short day sessions on a small club lake near my home which is usually good for a few runs. Basic rigs and good boilies score well, but unfortunately the carp haven't been obliging and I've been blanking. No matter though as there bound to switch back on and by regularly baiting certain spots I can hopefully keep them coming back to the areas I'm targeting.

My last session took advantage of a mild weather front with low pressure a good winds. I fished my local syndicate hoping to finally make contact with the 30lb mirror which resides there and is my long time target. I set up in the dark, which is the norm for me, and set about putting a bed of particle and boilies out at 100 yards with the spod. My particle mix is simply the ultimate spod mix from Carp Particles UK which I add salt and sunflower oil to so I can also use it in PVA bags, as well as improving the pulling power of it. I add halved and full Natures Baits Alpha boilies, these being my chosen winter bait. All three rods are clipped up at the same distance, two on bottom/wafter baits and one on a stiff hunger rig and my favourite White Ice pop up.

The weather really was spot on and when my Nevile alarm screamed into life at 2am I rushed to the rod and lifted into it. It became obvious it wasn't a carp though, and I played a tuftie to the bank which had got tangled in my line. Not what I wanted. Unfortunately that was the only action I received, my alarms remained silent for the rest of the session and I begrudgingly packed the kit away the next morning and had to head back to work. Still, it's nice to spend the time down the lake and edge ever closer to my target fish.

I`ll be back down this syndicate on Sunday night, trying again in the same spot, hopefully with better results and a carp to show you.

Tight lines,


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