Ben Pattenden - The Park Pt2

After an unproductive winter and only getting a couple of nights in since last September I was finally heading back down for 3 nights. Armed with my new custom built ADV1 rods and the new and stylish mooch carp clothing I was buzzing to get down on The Park. I turned up Thursday afternoon at about 1.30 after finishing work. After a walk around the lake, the swim I had my eye on was empty, after 20 minutes of watching the water I saw a few fish fizzing so I was straight back to the van to get my gear. I quickly got changed out of my work clothes and into my nice new clothing from Mooch. I quickly got the rods out on the spot where I saw the fizzing, about 50 yards out from my swim. I left m

A Carp Freaks Blog - Scott Warrener

Spring cleaning… This last month has been a bit slow for me, I've done a fair few nights down the big pit with little return for my efforts. The weather has been all over the place, with heavy rain and big winds mixed with high pressure and sunshine. This seems to have woken up a lot of the pits residence though, and for the first time in months carp are showing again…and driving me nuts. I managed two stockies and two large bream and the start of the month on an overnighter. I fished my solid bags casting to good areas, small pop ups doing the damage. It was nice to get that many runs in one night, although waking up to land bream isn't my idea of fun. The carp were barely doubles but it wa

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