Overnighter - Chris Bint

Syndicate Overnighter Not everyone wants to get out on the banks during the colder months and sometimes I question my sanity when I’m freezing my wotsits off and the alarms are deadly silent, however I am a firm believer of both,”making your own luck” and “everything happens for a reason”. Recent weeks on my winter ticket has seen the lake switch off and got my mind working over time, what do I do? Should I change tactics? Where do I go instead? And so a decision had to be made about the next trip/session, the decision was in the lap of the gods though as I had what can only be describes as “man flu”, felt like death warmed up from Sunday to Wednesday, it didn’t look good. I had a change of

BIG NEWS! We are happy to announce that we will be sponsoring "A man with a plan"

We are very happy to announce the we will be sponsoring Ben Austin on his 12 month trip A man with a plan-with Ben Austin around Europe! Here`s a few words from Ben himself - "My life long ambition is to travel around the world and search for earth`s biggest and most stunning carp, it was a dream, nothing but a dream,like so many anglers out there but 6 months ago it became real! I started thinking what would be my legacy in life, would I be a normal family man,9 to 5 job or would I go and seek a different path, a path full off adventure and into the unknown. So I decided the time was right for me, I need to see what life was truly like, my plans are to travel around the world with just me a

A Carp Freaks Blog - Scott Warrener

Bleak Winter.... Well I kicked off this year with a weekend social down Crowsheath fishery in Essex with the guys from Deception Angling. It was a fair 3 hour drive down from deepest darkest Derbyshire, picking up a mate from an army barracks on the way. There's nothing like having a gun pointed at you first thing in the morning to wake you up! The venue is a nice 10 acre lake with plenty of features, a bit different to the venues I usually target but I was looking forward to giving it a go. After meeting the other guys I opted to fish a swim in the middle of the lake with open water and a reed fringed island, the only issue was the mud. The whole bank side was either inches deep in water or

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