The Park - The session of a lifetime - Ben Pattenden

After 3 years of waiting I finally got the big lake ticket on my local angling club. I was straight down, having a look around and having a good chat with other members that I knew from walking around the lake most nights whilst waiting for my ticket. For my first session I turned up in the afternoon at about 1pm. I had a good look around and after doing a lap and talking to a few of the lads I ended up jumping in a swim known as High Banks. I started off by putting about 2 kg of 18mm creamy toffee boilies from A2baits over 3 rods fished 15 foot apart tight up against the island, the left rod was in the middle of the island on a clear spot, the middle was in a hole amongst an overhanging tre

A Carp Freaks Blog - Scott Warrener

Winter Carping... This is my first blog entry for the Mooch website, I'll be penning new entries on a monthly basis covering my carp fishing through the year. Unlike some anglers I don't put the rods away for the winter, in fact I love this time of year. The banks are mostly devoid of other carpers except for the few other nut cases like me, and that's how I like it. I can expect to have lakes to myself and be free to move onto fish and not be disturbed. The fishing is obviously harder this time of year but for me the rewards are greater, there's no better reward than capturing a hard won winter carp and I'm hoping to catch a few this winter. Venue choice is a key consideration, I fish a cou

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