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Over the past 20 odd years of carp fishing ive brought a lot of different brands and styles of carp fishing clothing, very few have stood up to the daily challenges of our fantastic up and down british climates. If it wasn`t the seams tearing or buttons falling off after a few sessions, I would be bloody freezing and there I was, back on the internet to find a good deal on the lastest or shall we say the "best" clothing.......again. Something needed to change.


So what should I say about our brand Mooch and what sets us apart? first of all, we dont ship SH#T from China, our clothing is designed, brought, hand printed and thoroughly tested in the UK. Each item is hand checked for consistency and quality to provide a good, solid outdoor clothing range that keeps you dry, warm and out of winds way with the added bonus of looking the absolute dogs on the bank.


That brings us to the style of our fishing clothing. We have been working hard with an high street fashion designer/manufacturer and a number of top carp fishing anglers to bring you a brand that stands out from the crowd, with an urban, yet traditional and fashionable collection but is also hardwearing and reliable for the elite, serious carp angler.


The bar has been raised - Mooch Clothing


Mooch Carp Clothing Hoodies

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